Welcome to Mountain Point Brewing!

The Great American Beer Festival was an incredibly big deal for us this year. We donned custom logoed shirts and outfitted our crew of friends with pretzel necklaces and sample cup holder lanyards and set off to sample as many craft beers as time (and blood alcohol level) would allow. We talked to many young brewers from across the country, learned their stories, and sampled their products. Despite walking the hall under our own logo with no real intent (just a dream) of actually moving forward, we left the festival with a real sense of potential.

Although this is the first time we had taken the opportunity to attend the Great American Beer Festival, this event opened our eyes to the very real potential for owning and operating our brewery for profit. As a Home Brewer for more than 30 years, it has been a long-time dream to move my hobby to commercial scale. My home-brewed beer has improved in recent years, particularly since I moved up to my home built, 30 gallon nano-brew system, and my friends suggested that my product easily competes with many of the breweries we sampled. The net result is that we decided to jump in with both feet and try to actually make this to a reality. And even though it’s only been 2 weeks as I write this, we already have investor and partner interest and our plan has begun to take shape.

We have many hurdles to overcome — believe it or not the brewery and restaurant operations are the easy part at this point. But we are equal to the challenge having built and operated several companies in our careers.

Although our home base is currently in Lehi, Utah, our final home has not yet been established. One of our first stops will be the city counsels in the vicinity to identify possible candidate locations in which to build our establishment. Members of said city counsels are encouraged to contact us as well if you desire our business in your city. We intend to open a restaurant first and add-on the brewery at a later date at the same site.

Please visit here often as a lot will change between now and opening day. We intend to fully document our journey on our web pages.

So we thank you all in advance for your encouragement and support as we embark on this wonderful, life-long dream-come-true.

Kevin Yackley
Founder and Brew Master
Mountain Point Brewing Company


Update 01/13/2016